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Vilnius Business College
Contact person:
Mr. Alim Rubinskiy
alim@kolegija.lt (+370 5) 215 4884
Institute for Future Studies
Contact person: Mr Christian Petter
mail to: christian.petter@futurestudies.org
Contact person: Mr Philippos Pouyioutas
mail to: pouyioutas.p@intercollege.ac.cy
Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu
Contact person: Ms Elwira Waszkiewicz
mail to: ewaszkiewicz@wsb-nlu.edu.pl
Florida Centre de Formació
Contact person: Ms Eva Gil
mail to: eva.gil@florida-uni.es
Užsienio kalbų institutas
Contact person: Ms Ieva Stasiunaite
mail to: ieva.stasiunaite@flf.vu.lt
University of Information Technology and Management
Contact person: Piotrl Betlej
mail to: pbetlej@wsiz.rzeszow.pl
University of Zilina
Contact person: Jozef Ristvej
mail to: jozef.ristvej@fsi.uniza.sk

Vilnius Business College was established in 1989 (former name E. Rasteniene’s School of Business Administration and Foreign Languages). The College provides full-time and part-time higher education and training courses in the field of Business administration and management, IT and Foreign languages. The College currently employs 58 full-time and part- time teachers and staff. Its main clients are secondary school graduates, working adults, unemployed or willing to change their qualification. It has been actively taking part in staff and student mobility under Socrates/Erasmus programme, as well as participating in Arion, Grundtvig and Leonardo activities.
The College has a wide network of partners – educational institutions and enterprises- in Finland, Poland, UK, Latvia, Hungary, Spain, Cyprus, Austria and Denmark.

Contact person: Mr Alim Rubinskiy, mail to: alim@kolegija.lt

The IFS is a young institution of applied research, which focuses on selected topics of future of education and work. It has been founded by the Association for Flexible Learning in Innsbruck (Austria).
Main interests are in the research and public discussion of questions concerning future use of information and communication technologies (ICT), especially in the professional world and education.
A strong focus is put on ICT support for the combination of different learning contexts (formal, non-formal and informal learning).
The major goal of the IFS is the promotion of life-long learning among the population and local, regional, national and European/international policy makers.
The Institute investigates actual trends, analyses possibilities and risks in society and examines consequences on professional and private life.
Besides research and estimation of technology impact the Institute is engaged in development and evaluation of new teaching and learning systems as well as consultation.

Contact person: Mr Christian Petter, mail to: christian.petter@futurestudies.org

Intercollege is the largest private institution in Cyprus with over 5000 students. It is an independent institution of higher education, which offers a wide range of programs to students from around the world. The College offers undergraduates and postgraduate studies in business, science, education and the liberal arts, international relations, and others. The College is taking a proactive role in research and is involved in a number of projects of both the European and local level. It has built a very deep base in terms of experience and knowledge required for the management of national and transnational projects and the successful implementation and dissemination of results.
Intercollege has extensive links with ministries, associations and NGOs in Cyprus through various projects funded by other sources. It also has a well established network to develop research through various units and other research centres affiliated with it.
Intercollege is very active in e-learning. It offers distance learning programs and carries out applied research in the area of e-learning. It has developed its own faculty and student intranet and its own content management and multiple-choice testing software (InterLearning and InterTest).

Contact person: Mr Philippos Pouyioutas, mail to: pouyioutas.p@intercollege.ac.cy

Ranked first amongst Polish private educational institutions, Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu - National-Louis University (WSB-NLU) is the leading Business and Management learning centre with far-reaching development plans. The mission of WSB-NLU is to educate the highest quality managerial cadre for economy, politics and administration, which means educating people who will be working both in Poland and in international institutions of EU. WSB-NLU with 300 staff is educating 4500 students at 3 departments: business, computer science and political science.
WSB-NLU has been both managing and actively participating in various kinds of EU funded projects in the field of education, training, mobility and research (LEONARDO, SOCRATES, PHARE). The University mainly focuses on projects related with SME development, e-learning, ICT use in business, research related to SMEs (such as Elaboration and edition of the second collection of case analysis for 5 courses from the management; Research on managerial competence of medium level managing staff in SMEs; European E-Commerce Assistant).

Contact person: Ms Elwira Waszkiewicz, mail to: ewaszkiewicz@wsb-nlu.edu.pl

Florida Centre de Formació is an education cooperative with 26 years of experience in the sector. It provides a range of training at different level. These include continuous training in companies in a range of sectors (IT; Health and Safety, Technical subjects, Security etc), language training at all levels, School for IT Professionals, University studies, Vocational training (Finance, Marketing, ICT), Secondary education, Government-sponsored training for unemployed people, University of the “Third Age”, and other.
The centre has experience in EU-financed projects in e-learning. We also have worked as evaluators and consultants for the EC, both at project proposal and review stages. Florida Idiomas, the language school at Florida Centre de Formació, has been active for 10 years in language teaching as well as providing technical translation and proof-reading services.
The Centre is highly experienced in design and delivery of made-to-measure language training for companies and professional organisations. We have a tradition of innovation in education and have made extensive use of technology to enhance learning since the early days of the Internet, which has given them pedagogical expertise and e-learning know-how. We are also working in the field of education quality; they have been organising yearly conferences on the subject since 1999. The school has renewed the ISO 9000 certification for professional training services.

Contact person: Ms Eva Gil, mail to: eva.gil@florida-uni.es

Užsienio kalbų institutas (the Institute of Foreign Languages) at Vilnius University has a staff of 137 people and consists of five departments: the Department of English for Sciences, the Department of English for Humanities, the Department of English for Social sciences, the Department of German language, the Department of Romance languages). The Institute has wide experience in the field of ELT and ESP both in teaching and organizing ELT/ESP-oriented events. The main objective of the Institute is to develop students’ ability to employ a foreign language as a means of perception and transfer of information for professional and research purposes. At present 7 thousand full-time and part-time students from all the faculties of the university study foreign languages for specific purposes, or general foreign languages.
Besides, the Institute of Foreign Languages runs a Language School. The latter organizes foreign language teaching courses for residents of Vilnius at large (mostly in the evenings). The Language school provides office employees, workers, students, pupils of senior forms with a possibility to learn English, German, French, Italian, Spanish languages or specialize in business English. The Institute of has also launched a Retraining programme for teachers of English and German who have not completed specialized professional training.

Contact person: Ms Ieva Stasiunaite, mail to: ieva.stasiunaite@flf.vu.lt

University of Information Technology and Management is a dynamically growing non-profit higher education institution located in South-Eastern Poland. In the eight years of its existence it has gained an excellent reputation among prospective candidates wishing to continue their education, thanks to the attractive curriculum and wide use of new technologies. Among private universities in Poland, UITM is the leader in the number of students attending both weekday and weekend programs.
The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies in 7-degree programs, among them Master’s Degree in Economics, International Management, Information Technology and Econometrics as well as Engineering Degree in Information Technology. University has developed over 150 interactive courses enriched with multimedia elements which cover practically the entire curriculum offered. UITM is considered as one of the leaders in Poland as regards e-learning initiatives and expertise.

Contact person: Piotrl Betlej, mail to: pbetlej@wsiz.rzeszow.pl

University of Zilina It is is a modern university providing a full range of technological, economic, management, and a limited range of humanistic and natural science education at under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.At present the University of Zilina consists of seven faculties and seven institutes. Numerous international projects have been carried out successfully within the frame of various EU programs, such as TEMPUS, LEONARDO, SOCRATES/ERASMUS, CEEPUS, COPERNICUS, 5th and 6 th FRAMEWORK PROGRAM etc.
There is a broad cooperation based on bilateral agreements. The University has a lively collaboration with universities and/or institutions in Austria, Belarus, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine, UK, USA, and many other countries. The University of Zilina has introduced sophisticated academic information system containing information about teachers, students, study programmes, study plans, study results, etc. The very important part of this information system is all- university portal of e-learning that enables all users’ easy and simple access to spheres of their interests.

Contact person: Jozef Ristvej, mail to: jozef.ristvej@fsi.uniza.sk


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