English For IT
  The Online English Course For IT Professionals  


EIT - English for Information Technologies

Are you an IT student or an IT professional? Are you making your first steps in English and looking for online classes? Are you an English language trainer working with IT students and professionals? Are you are looking for additional materials and links?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, this EIT online course is for you!

In the EIT course you will find:

  • Daily mini lessons- on IT, grammar, language, communication and also advise how to learn. All in all you will find even 365 mini lessons- as many as we have days in a year!
  • Revision materials which will help you to revise all that you've learnt in the mini lessons and then tests which will show your progress.
  • A lot of activities which you can do together with other learners online: forums, chats, wikis and so on.
  • Links to interesting articles and news in IT.
  • Case Studies where you will have to solve certain IT problems with other learners.
  • Web-conferences on various IT topics.
  • Language references.
  • IT and general English glossaries.

Got interested? Then click on the link below.

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